Supply Chain

World class supply chain with committed manufacturing capacity and extensive Oil and Gas experience


We have developed alliances with world-class manufacturers that form a supply-chain for the delivery of commercial scale plants.

This collaborative approach ensures the economic viability of the critical components and that manufacturing capacity exists to meet the growing demand for commercial plants.

CompactGTL works closely with world-class experts, consultants and technology companies with extensive experience in the Oil and Gas Industry to continue to ensure that the technology developments sustain a technical and commercial advantage for our clients.

Strategic alliances have been established for mass production of the CompactGTL proprietary SMR and FT reactors. Sumitomo Corporation and Sumitomo Precision Products of Japan, are CompactGTLs exclusive partners for the manufacture and supply the SMR and FT brazed reactor blocks, alongside our alliance with the world class major catalyst manufacturer, Johnson Matthey; for the development, manufacture and supply of catalysts.

Sumitomo Precision Products have recently completed construction of a new manufacturing plant in Amagasaki, Osaka, Japan for the production of reactors, specifically to support the CompactGTL business.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries has become a strategic supply chain partner to execute the reactor modularisation; the construction of the reactors and the subsequent modularisation benefit from the close proximity of the Sumitomo Precision Products plant in Amagasaki and Kawasaki Heavy Industries facilities, in Harima. The shipping of the complete reactors will then take place from Kawasaki’s quayside facilities at Harima, to clients around the world.

CompactGTL has developed a strategic relationship with SBM Offshore of the Netherlands, the world’s largest Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel contractor. This has allowed the integration of the Plant into an FPSO to be challenged, optimised and refined.

Fluor Limited is the exclusive engineering partner of CompactGTL focusing on the delivery of pre-FEED and FEED studies. Fluor will also support CompactGTL in the evaluation of the commercial demonstration plant operating data, execution of feasibility and scoping studies and delivery of CompactGTL’s EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) contracts.

The Company has established strong working relationships with Bayer Technology Services, which provide independent technical and experimental support, computer simulation models for both the Steam Methane Reformer and Fischer Tropsch reactors and catalysts and mechanical integrity analysis for the reactors.

Sumitomo Precision Products Co, Japan

Sumitomo Precision Products Company, Ltd. (SPP) is an integrated manufacturer of aerospace equipment, heat exchangers, hydraulic controls, wireless sensor networks, sensors, micro-electronics technology, and environmental systems.

Sumitomo Corporation, Japan

Sumitomo Corporation is a leading general trading company, boasting 150 locations in 70 countries throughout the world. The entire Sumitomo Corporation Group (“the Group”) consists of nearly 780 companies and more than 70,000 personnel.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, Japan

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd is an international corporation based in Japan that has forged an extensive global presence; which today spans a growing number of fields. Continually moving forward to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace, KHI has branched out into the energy and environmental sector and also broken new ground in the field of industrial equipment.

Fluor Limited, UK

Fluor is one of the world’s largest publicly owned engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and project management companies. Over the past century Fluor has become a trusted global leader in providing exceptional services and technical knowledge. Fluor is a Fortune 200 company, with a workforce of over 42,000 men and women serving clients on six continents.

Johnson Matthey, UK

Johnson Matthey is a leading speciality chemicals company underpinned by science, technology and its people. A leader in sustainable technologies, many of its products enhance the quality of life for millions of people around the world. Drawing on its expertise in catalysis and materials science, Johnson Matthey develops and manufactures a wide range of high technology products for the automotive, chemical and oil, gas and refineries industries worldwide.

Bayer Technology Services, Germany

Bayer Technology Services stands for fully-integrated solutions to cover the life cycle of plants and processes. A global supplier of future-proof and market-oriented technology solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

SBM Offshore, Netherlands

SBM Offshore N.V. is a pioneer in the offshore oil and gas industry. Worldwide, it has over 5,000 employees representing 47 nationalities, and is present in 15 countries. Activities include the engineering, supply, and offshore installation of most types of offshore terminals or related equipment.