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Kawasaki Heavy Industries invests in CompactGTL and completes the supply chain for delivery of commercial scale plants

Monday, June 25th, 2012

CompactGTL, the pioneer of modular gas to liquid solutions, has announced that Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has taken a minority shareholding (2.2 per cent) in the company.  In addition to investing in CompactGTL, KHI has become a strategic supply chain partner to execute the reactor modularisation for its modular gas to liquids commercial scale plants. Commercial details of the agreement remain confidential.

The announcement of the KHI investment follows a similar agreement with Sumitomo Corporation in 2010 when it took a minority shareholding in CompactGTL.  Sumitomo Precision Products manufactures and supplies the proprietary SMR and FT brazed reactor blocks for CompactGTL, which will then be modularised by KHI.

An additional benefit of the agreement with KHI allows for the construction of the reactors and the subsequent modularisation to be executed in close proximity as KHI’s facilities, in Harima, are only a short distance from the Sumitomo Precision Products plant in Amagasaki. The shipping of the complete reactors will then take place from Kawasaki’s quayside facilities at Harima, to clients around the world.

The announcement of the KHI deal completes the CompactGTL supply chain and follows on from the recent announcement that Johnson Matthey is the strategic partner for the development, manufacture and supply of catalysts for its modular gas to liquids commercial scale plants.

This year CompactGTL was also able to announce that Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) had qualified and approved the technology for commercial deployment, building on the successful commissioning and extensive testing of the world’s first, fully integrated, modular GTL facility.

CompactGTL is currently undertaking project studies on behalf of international oil and gas industry clients for remote oilfields both onshore and offshore. Recently it confirmed that it is working with Russian company Gazprom Promgaz.

Nicholas Gay, Chief Executive, CompactGTL said:

“The announcement of KHI as our reactor modules partner completes our world-class supply chain.  In addition, the external investments in CompactGTL reflects the high level of confidence in our modular gas to liquids solution to handle the problem of associated gas and its potential to unlock the value of oilfields previously considered to be uneconomic.”

Toshikazu Hayashi, Director, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, said:

“KHI is looking forward to working closely with the CompactGTL team and its other supply chain partners as we begin working on the commercial orders for the world’s first modular gas to liquid solution.”