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CompactGTL presents at World Shale Oil & Gas Summit and Exhibition

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

CompactGTL, the leader in small scale gas-to-liquid technology, is today presenting at the plenary session of this year’s World Shale Oil & Gas Summit, on “the role of technology in creating a sustainable future”.

The World Shale Oil & Gas Summit, held in Houston from 4th to 7th November, is the largest international event for the shale oil and gas industry, bringing together government leaders and industry experts from across the globe.

CompactGTL is the world’s leading pioneer of small scale GTL technology and uniquely provides commercial customers with an entire end to end solution, giving them certainty over the supply, installation and operational capability of the complete GTL process. CompactGTL is the only small scale GTL technology provider with a full scale demonstration plant in operation, in partnership with Petrobas in Brazil.

In a speech to the Summit, Shravan Joshi, Business Development Manager of CompactGTL will outline CompactGTL’s market leading technology and unique end to end solution, and describe the process itself which creates syncrude from the gas that would otherwise be wasted. He will also outline some of the recent commercial developments in the company.

Peter Riches, CEO of CompactGTL said:

“This is an exciting time for the small scale GTL industry.  Recent changes in North America’s market conditions have created the right mix of project drivers to encourage small scale GTL to become relevant to many of the producers and operators who face “troublesome gas”, whether it is stranded by a lack of infrastructure, or it is associated gas that cannot be effectively harnessed. CompactGTL’s proven technology and unique end to end process means we are in a strong position to capitalise on the future growth of the industry as an increasing number of commercial partners come to recognise the significant advantages provided by CompactGTL’s small scale GTL technology.”