Business Model and Strategic Vision

CompactGTL’s modular solution satisfies a small-scale gas-to-liquid (GTL) vast market opportunity of small and medium sized oilfield assets, where no viable gas monetisation option exists so the associated gas is either flared or reinjected.

CompactGTL’s modular small-scale GTL solution transforms oilfield economics and becomes a project enabler, allowing the oil company to proceed with development and unlock oilfield value.

Dealing with associated gas at remote locations poses fundamental challenges to the oil company, where there is no commercially viable or technically feasible market for the gas or other disposal methods. Historically, this is why large quantities of gas have been flared. However, with the right technology, GTL can be used to convert associated gas into synthetic crude oil (syncrude) or diesel at the point of production, allowing the oil company to monetise the gas.

We convert problematic gas into high value liquids at the point of production.

In contrast to traditional gas disposal routes, small-scale GTL represents a paradigm shift and offers the oil company additional crude oil or diesel revenue whilst addressing flaring legislation.

Small scale GTL requires no fixed external infrastructure development, no additional product transportation or market access needs and poses no risk of reservoir damage through reinjection.

CompactGTL’s long term strategy is to retain its position as the leading modular GTL company providing an end to end solution to the problem of associated and stranded gas in oil and gas field development.

The Company delivers turn-key modular GTL plants, with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 barrels per day, producing synthetic crude or diesel, to the resource owners, in return for a royalty stream per barrel produced and a margin on EPC contract.

CompactGTL, utilising its secured supply chain partners, supplies the whole plant (and not just the Fischer Tropsch reactors), and all operations & maintenance (O&M) services as required

CGTL has secured partnerships with a world class supply chain to ensure quality and volume delivery for the proprietary items, as well as balance of plant engineering and technology development support.

  • Reactors : Mass produced by partners Sumitomo & Kawasaki Heavy Industries
  • Catalysts : Mass produced by partners Johnson Matthey
  • FEED : Fluor, under long term agreement
  • EPC for Balance of Plant : Competitively tendered as appropriate to each project

CompactGTL are on track to have the first fully functioning modular GTL plant in operation by 2018.

A key value driver for any small-scale GTL provider is the successful construction of its first commercial scale plant.

CompactGTL made a strategic decision to act as the lead developer and owner for its first commercial scale plant in Kazakhstan, which confirms economic viability of the proprietary technology and facilitates roll out of its other plant projects going forward.