Providing a solution

CompactGTL’s technology is a project enabler

Associated gas market focus

CompactGTL has a modular gas solution that converts a liability into economic value. As flaring becomes more unacceptable from a political and environmental viewpoint, oilfields with no viable associated gas solution may lead to shut in production.

The CompactGTL modular gas solution is a project enabler and enhances oilfield NPV by unlocking the potential of oil field developments previously stalled or considered to be uneconomic, by overcoming flaring restrictions and creating additional syncrude revenues.

The solution is particularly well suited to the conversion of associated gas in remote locations. The focus of our development has been to simply convert the gas into syncrude at the point of production, as a means of converting otherwise worthless gas into an easily transportable and marketable commodity.

As the associated gas is converted to synthetic crude, it can be co-mingled with the natural crude produced from the field and transported to market using the existing oil transportation infrastructure. The process thus provides an incremental income stream that augments the economics of the oilfield and eradicates the need for flaring or the potentially damaging and costly injection of the gas into the reservoir. It also eliminates the need for separate product storage, transportation and marketing arrangements as required for other possible solutions including LNG, CNG, DME and Methanol.

The CompactGTL modular plant is designed to be integrated with FPSOs and implemented in remote onshore locations. The plant is modular and, accordingly, has the flexibility to match the production profile of the associated gas. As the field’s production declines the number of active reactor modules can be adjusted to match the associated gas production profile over time; providing operating efficiency and a reduction in costs.

Modular plant design

Modular GTL occupies a high growth area

CompactGTL has commissioned a market analysis which identified a number of existing oil fields falling within our objective market and an increasing number of oil fields are available within CompactGTL’s market space as a greater number of new oil field developments are smaller, in remote or deepwater locations.

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