Maximising plant reliability

and operability

Technical overview

Our modular gas solution combines both stages of the GTL process into one highly efficient, closely integrated system that provides high levels of volumetric efficiency, safety and reliability.

The solution converts the associated gas into syncrude for blending with the natural crude, eliminating the need for additional transportation infrastructure and storage infrastructure or access to market for the converted product.

The technology features proprietary catalysts and reactor designs derived from plate and fin heat exchanger manufacturing techniques. Modular plant design, incorporating multiple reactors in parallel, provides a flexible, operable solution to accommodate gas feed variation and decline over the life of the oilfield.

At the heart of the process are two banks of modular reactor blocks. Using an advanced derivative of plate and fin heat exchanger technology, these reactors allow the precise control of heat and gas flow over the process catalysts, located in a regular array of thousands of closely-spaced channels.

The first reactor uses Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) to convert natural gas into syngas, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The syngas is fed into the second reactor where it is converted via the Fischer-Tropsch process into synthetic crude oil, water and a ‘tail gas’ composed of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and light hydrocarbon gases.

The close relationship between the two reactors in the CompactGTL process is a vital element in the efficient management of the overall system. The two reactions are tuned to work together to maximise efficiency and minimise waste streams depending upon the specific application and location of the plant. The water produced in the Fischer-Tropsch reaction can be treated to remove impurities and recycled back into the steam reforming process.

CompactGTL’s proprietary reactor technology enables the design of a highly self-contained plant operating a stable process that does not require an oxygen supply. The process involves only small volumes of fluids, which proofs the system against wave motion in the offshore environment.

Key attributes of the CompactGTL modular gas solution


  • No oxygen supply
  • Flameless
  • Low surface temperatures

Operability and reliability

  • Handles high CO2 feed gas
  • Handles rich associated gas
  • No catalyst handling on site
  • 25 tonne reactor modules
  • Reactor modules exchangeable with plant on stream


  • Low liquid inventory
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Motion insensitivity

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