Empowering oil companies

to resolve the issue of associated gas

Company overview

CompactGTL has a robust, fully integrated end to end GTL process:

  • Gas treatment
  • Reforming
  • Syngas generation
  • Fischer Tropsch
  • Syncrude production

CompactGTL is a specialist gas-to-liquids company, focusing on oilfield developments. Where other GTL companies deal exclusively with gas fields, our solution has been specifically designed to solve the associated gas problems of oilfields in remote or deepwater environments.

The CompactGTL technology was originally developed within Accentus plc, formerly part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. In 2005, Accentus was acquired by Coller Capital, a leading global investor in private equity funding. CompactGTL plc was incorporated in June 2006 and a new management team was recruited to take the business forward as a solution provider to the upstream markets.

CompactGTL’s proprietary technology solution converts gas into synthetic crude oil, or syncrude. However, the economic value of this solution is much greater than simply the syncrude produced as it also enables the costs associated with gas re-injection, or flaring penalties, to be avoided and can even facilitate the development of marginal fields. This provides a clear distinction from the proposition offered by conventional GTL technologies where projects rely on economies of scale and focus on converting gas into high value refined petroleum products.

The headquarters of CompactGTL is situated in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The company’s technical and operations teams are located here, which also incorporates a development laboratory. Our training centre in Wilton, Teesside provides a facility for on-going demonstration of the CompactGTL process in the UK. Originally CompactGTL’s first fully integrated pilot plant facility; operating since it was commissioned in 2008, it is now established as a training centre for all CompactGTL clients. CompactGTL has a representative office in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil which supports and advises our clients close to the office. We also have close links with our partner Bayer Technology Services with a development laboratory in Leverkusen, Germany.

CompactGTL benefits from a strong team with the experience and expertise to execute the business plan and strategy. This, together with partnerships the Company has established, has meant that a plethora of experience, knowledge and resources have been brought together to meet demand for commercial projects.

CompactGTL’s business and strategy is focussed on providing a unique value creating solution to the costly problem of associated gas disposal in the upstream oil and gas industry and our commitment to continued investment in research and development will sustain our technical and commercial competitive advantages.

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