A message

from the CEO

A message from the CEO

“CompactGTL is at a very exciting stage in its development and having been involved in the Company since its inception I have witnessed first-hand the many achievements made by the Company. CompactGTL has received industry recognition for being at the forefront of the small scale GTL market, including Petrobras’ approval of our technology being ready for commercial deployment.

The successful operation of the Commercial Demonstration Plant in Aracaju, Brazil and continuing operations at our UK Pilot Plant and Training facility has proven the key technical benefits of our technology, including safety, robustness, operability and reliability.

The team’s efforts in transforming the Company into a fully-fledged commercial operation have been rewarded by the industry’s interest and confidence in our technology. We have been awarded several projects and having demonstrated the technical and commercial viability of our technology we look forward to progressing these projects to the next stage with our clients.

Our capability to deliver is based on the high calibre of our in-house expertise and experience combined with world class supply and engineering partners.

Distressed gas is a global problem, especially in the USA, which presents a major opportunity for CompactGTL. Our commitment to delivering a solution for the conversion of stranded, shale and associated gas into liquids means that CompactGTL is the partner of choice for the upstream industry.”

Peter Riches
Chief Executive Officer

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